eFertility Profile: Bastet

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Personal Statement

Hi, I’m Bastet, but some of my followers call me The Lady of Fire or She of the Ointment Jar. I am looking for followers and priests who are into a wide variety of things, ranging from felines to perfume, from light to children. But don’t worry — I’m not baby crazy.


Just a hair over 4,900… but 5,000 is the new 30, isn’t it?


I’m in home security as a private contractor, but I have previously been the personal body guard of Ra until I was ready for a change a few centuries ago.

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I’m originally from Bubastis, Egypt, but I also own a small time-share in Thebes.


I particularly enjoy spending time with my cats  — Sophia, Ninevah, JoJo, Mittens, Ankh, Horus, Blackie, Sasha, Critter, Danicka, Haratio, and Rue. I also enjoy making my own perfume. One of mine won first-place at a global competition in the sandalwood-based category. I’m even branching out into designer soaps and lotions.


I really like guys and girls who are also into cats — cat breeders are high up on my lists. I would love to spend time with acolytes who experiment with perfume or who have a perchance for knitting, crocheting or other yarn crafts.


I really, REALLY can’t see myself with a dog person — my ex was into those creatures.

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A note from Dr. Thacher:


Dear Readers,

In place of my normal contribution to this fine publication, I have the above to present. As I was studying for a lecture I am set to give, I entered into a reverie where my goddess, Wadjet-Bast, asked me to spread word of her incarnation as the fertility goddess Bastet. I asked how she wished me to do so, and, seemingly still halfway between waking and dreaming, found myself setting up a profile on this new-fangled website called eFertility.com. Here, I discovered a trove of pages devoted to fertility deities of various cultures and nationalities.  Please entertain my beloved goddess’s profile on this site, and look forward to upcoming profiles in the future.

THOMAS ANTHONY THACHER is a professor of classics and administrative official at Yale and a high priest of Wadjet-Bast. While not deciphering ancient Greek, Latin, Egyptian and Coptic texts, he can be found at home, tending and breeding his Egyptian Mau cats.

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