Dear Cora: Letters for May 7, 2014

black heart

Dear Cora,

Hey there! I’ve enjoyed reading so far, and I had an issue come up that I wanted to ask you about. So, I’m dating a widower with two little girls, and I would *love* to be their step-mom someday soon. (I think he might ask next weekend!) But I got to thinking… they’re currently aged 8 and 10. One of their birthdays is in September and one is in November. That means that next year they’ll be turning 9 and 11 in the 9th and 11th month… the whole thing just feels like too much to be a coincidence. Do you think there’s some connection between this and the Twin Tower attacks? What would be the best way to ask them about it?



Dear Nadine,

I’m so glad to hear from a reader! Frankly, I think your issue is a little bit paranoid. Sure, they may be turning 9 and 11 in the 9th and 11th months, but last year they turned 8 and 10 in the 9th and 11th months, and next year they’ll turned 10 and 12 in the 9th and 11th months. Instead of worrying about such coincidences, you should be excited to be a part of their lives and sharing their birthdays with them. Wouldn’t this be the year to make them extra special?



black heart

Dear Cora,

I feel like my wife isn’t respecting my rights. I’m the proud owner of a .357 S&W revolver, a Benelli M2 12-gauge tactical, a .308 Winchester Model 70, a .45 S&W 1911, a 120mm Soltam K6, and a Mosin-Nagant carbine. Despite the fact that I have a clearly-defined Constitutional right to these arms (which has been recently confirmed by the Supreme Court), she does not want to have them in the house. How can I get her to wise up?



Dear Wayne,

That sure sounds like a lot of (Constitutionally-protected) guns! Rather than trying to get your wife to “wise up,” have you tried to help her understand why you have all of these guns? This is an issue where both of you have valid arguments (your gun ownership it protected, while studies show that houses with guns are more likely to have gun-related fatalities), and you need to talk about the specifics of your arguments and come to an understanding together.

Good luck,


black heart

Dear Cora,
Have you ever had to deal with a suspicious boyfriend? Mine has been grilling me about discrepancies in my schedule recently, and when I tell him that it’s because I’m getting stuck at railroad crossings, he just yells “it doesn’t add up!” and storms out of the room. He says he’s a skeptic, but I feel like it’s going too far. Any advice would be appreciated.



Dear Sylvia,

Unless your boyfriend is also your boss (and probably even then), he is definitely overstepping his boundaries. Unless you’re not spending any time with him, or you’ve given your partner a reason to be suspicious, this sounds like a major problem for the future of your relationship. You need to sit down and discuss with him why this is a problem and make plans to improve it. Your boyfriend should not run your life, and you do not owe him explanations for schedule “discrepancies.”




CORA L. V. SCOTT is an author and lecturer from upstate New York. Her interests include esoteric elocution and pantheistic spiritualism.

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