Announcing Swing ‘n’ Meet 2014


Are you a fan of swing dancing and music?  Do you want to meet other fans who share with you that sneaking suspicion that something else is going on?  You’re in luck!  Illuminaughty Boutique will be hosting its first annual Swing ‘n’ Meet convention on Saturday, July 26, 2014.  (Location is yet to be determined.)  All will be welcome!


Come in your best clothes!  Come in your shorts!  Heck, come in your pajamas like these hep cats, for all we care.  We just want to make sure you come!

All your favorites are sure to get a lot of play at Swing ‘n’ Meet.  It’s that kind of music that puts you “in the mood” and makes you want to swing your way around the length of the room!

Dancing not your style, but you still love the scene?  Here are some of the other attractions of Swing ‘n’ Meet:

  • Participate in the Swing ‘n’ Meet Hot Dog Eating Contest!
  • Marvel at the Swing ‘n’ Meet sword swallowers!
  • Feel like a kid again on the Swing ‘n’ Meet merry-go-round!
  • Take a ride on the Swing ‘n’ Meet helicopter!
  • All this, and more!


We’ll also be taking the opportunity to dedicate our inaugural ball to the brave men and women of the Navy, who stand at attention so long and hard, keeping America safe.

Just watch this seaman swing!

There’s even a little seaman in these ladies!

Heck, there’ll be a little seaman in all of us before the night is over.  We know you’ll enjoy Swing ‘n’ Meet.  Make sure to show your face– it’s sure to be a blast!


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