Benghazi Has Existed for 2500 Years– WHO KNEW WHAT, AND WHEN???


New hearings are in progress to investigate failures in the 2012 attacks on the American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya.  Led by Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC), these new hearings build off over 50 previous hearings which have cost taxpayers millions of dollars, and yet it seems we’re no closer to an answer.


Yet long before 9/11, clues throughout history have been warning us about the existence of Benghazi, along with a bevy of dangers passed down through the ages.  We present here just a few of them.


The Greeks: A History of Homosexuality?


Established as Euesperides in 525 BCE, the Greeks first colonized the area that is now Benghazi.  Coins from the city date back as far as the late… early… 5th or 4th or possibly 6th Century BCE.  We can’t be sure of how dates match up with centuries.  And at some point the dates change directions?  Whatever– it’s a sure sign of a coverup!  The proposed timeline just doesn’t make sense.


Slipped in amidst that confusion, the Greeks may well have planted the seeds (so to speak) of homosexuality.  After all, homosexuality is well attested in ancient Greek literature and history, not that we’ve read any of it.  We ain’t queer.  But it’s worth noting that these sorts of activities were in play long before the attacks on the American Embassy– perhaps a long-run play of the Gay Agenda?


The Romans: A Catholic Connection?


By 96 BCE, the area surrounding Benghazi was ceded to the growing Roman Republic.  Euesperides was included with four other nearby cities, such as Berenice and Cyrenaica, in a group called the Pentapolis.  If that name rings a bell, well, it should.


This is the Baphomet pentagram.  Pentagram, Pentopolis– are you following so far?  Good.  Because the rabbit hole goes much deeper than this.  Penta = “five.”  Pentopolis = “five cities.”  Pentagram = “five-pointed doohickey.”  And that means Satan.


Followers of Satan routinely utilize the upside-down cross.  You know who else did?  Saint Peter!  And who was the first Pope?  Saint Peter!  What does this mean?  It means a conspiracy was in play in Benghazi for at least 500 years before Catholicism was even there to initiate the next phase.  But the most shocking step will come next.




Vandals sacked the area around modern-day Benghazi around 430 or so.  Sacked.  Heh.  Still pretty ghey, no?  The taint of Greece must have remained.  Anyway, soon enough came Islam.  To quote Wikipedia:

Islam came to North Africa at a moment when there was nothing of a caliber sufficient to oppose it, while there were many native elements favorable to its advance. The Romans were largely obliterated except in Berenice and the rest of the small area under Byzantine rule. Civilization in Berenice was almost extinct, due to depopulation under the Emperor Trajan in the 2nd century fearful of a Jewish rising, and its equally fearful suppression. The towns were deserted and prey to marauding bands of Berbers. Berber peasantry was exploited by crushing taxation and were keen for new rule. The official Church had alienated the mass of the population by its intransigent attitude to what it considered as heresies.

To paraphrase: madness.  Slaughter.  Horror.  Shariah Law.  And this piled on top of the Catholic and homosexual influences from earlier.  Yet the site was not yet named Benghazi.  That would wait for later.


Italian Intervention: The Seeds of Hope


In the thousand or so years after the implantation of Islam, history sorted itself into place. A territory first called Euesperides and then Cyrenaica, then bastardized by the ignorant Muslims, was twisted into the name Marsa ibn Ghazi.  And as we know how lazy Africans are, that was shortened to Benghazi.  Italy invaded and colonized Libya in 1911.  And a few years later, there was a democratic and capitalist politician who was emblematic in Italy’s role in protecting civil rights and keeping trains running on time.


However, his rule was cut short when he was killed in a tragic bungee jumping accident in 1945.  In the years following, Italy let slip the White Man’s Burden.


Some Other Stuff Happens


As all American understanding of history ends with our complete and total victory in World War II, the next bits are pretty fuzzy.  Apparently some guy with glasses became king of Libya for a while.  But before that, he was the Emir of Cyrenacia.  That name ring a bell?  (If not, scroll back up to the Roman part.)

Despite the West’s best efforts to liberate the country from large volumes of petroleum (a known carcinogen), glasses-guy had to have surgery from having too much Turkey or something, and in 1969 he was overthrown by this handsome devil.


(No homo.)

Power went to his head, however, and over time he was transformed into a madman, well known for his brutality, extravagant activities, and outrageous accent.


Little wonder that he was eventually overthrown by the good guys, who then went on to– wait.  If they were the good guys, why did they attack the American embassy?  But if he was a good guy, why did he blow up an airplane?  There’s got to be a clear-cut good guy, right?

Hmm.  Give us a sec.

Oh well.  Do we have any conclusions after this analysis?  Not yet.  But that won’t keep us from the truth.  Inspired by Congress, we will continue to run columns on this subject until we get the answers we want!


My name is Adam, and I want you to be my Eve.

ADAM WEISHAUPT is a Professor of Law at the University of Ingolstadt.  His hobbies include rationalism, masonry, and opposition to Kantian idealism.

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