Dear Cora: Letters for May 28, 2014

black heart

Dear Cora,

I don’t think of myself as an especially “sexual” person, but I’ve been sculpting a statue of a woman for quite some time out of a block of ivory and I think I’m starting to fall for her. I want to make sure that I’m not objectifying her, though. How can I make sure to be the “nice guy” I want to be?



Dear “Piggy,”

On the one hand, you can’t avoid objectifying this woman because you are making her. She is an object. You have created her out of another object.  On the other hand… no, honestly, there is no other hand.  I would recommend you speak with someone about your feelings for an inanimate object.

Good luck,


black heart

Dear Cora,

I saw a late-night infomercial for one of those Enduracool towels.



An Amateur Investigator


Dear Amateur Investigator,

What an interesting question! While I don’t quite know how the Enduracool towels work, I don’t think it’s likely that they’re powered by ghosts. Checking for cool spots is only one way to spot paranormal activity, and I think that’s the only thing the Enduracool towel does. I’d love to hear if you discover otherwise. Good luck with your investigating.



black heart

Dear Cora,

I’m sick of online dating. What’re the pros and cons of summoning a boyfriend vs. manifesting one out of thin air?

All the best,


Dear Cat,

I think it really depends whether or not you already have an ideal in mind. Summoning would require the potential mate to already exist somewhere. If you know you want to date someone, this could really work for you. Manifesting would allow you to develop a brand new person that’s ideal for you. This is great if you don’t already have someone in mind. However, if you don’t think about some qualities, you might be surprised or disappointed by some aspects of your manifested mate.




CORA L. V. SCOTT is an author and lecturer from upstate New York. Her interests include esoteric elocution and pantheistic spiritualism.

Have a question for Cora? You can e-mail her here.

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