EXCERPT: Palpitating Hearts, by Olivia C. Dennis


He looked deeply into her eyes.  “Kiss me,” she said.

“I’ll go get a dental dam,” he said, and he threw her down onto the clean linen sheets.  They were cool against her cheek, and she could tell by the way they felt on her skin that they were high thread count– somewhere around 240.  Kenneth was all she had ever wanted, but could he be her destruction?  After all, the Ns in his name were in the middle, but they were not perfectly centered, a fact she noticed after having written his name 77 times on loose-leaf paper.

No no– according to the law of averages, he had to be the one.  As Kenneth re-entered the room, she called out to him.  “Damn the dam!” she said.  “Take me!  Take me here and now!”  He tossed it aside and took her into his arms.  He carefully unlaced her bodice, folded it, and set it on the nightstand exactly 1 1/2″ from the closest edge.  His bare skin against hers– this was the furthest she had ever been.  She hadn’t even held hands with another man without a healthy dose of hand sanitizer.  Kenneth was her angel and her devil, but the way he was perfectly balanced between the two was something she was comfortable with.

Kenneth dragged his stubbly face across her breasts and began to nibble at her left nipple, the one that was slightly lower than it should be.  She couldn’t tell if it was because that breast was slightly larger or if it was a fluke, but it was driving her crazy.  She felt like she might scream without any sound coming out.  It was going so well.  

Then she remembered– today was the second Monday of an even-numbered month.



Look for PALPITATING HEARTS on bookshelves WINTER 2014.

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