Review: World/Inferno Friendship Society, World Cafe Live at the Queen, April 11, 2014

0411142156I’m gonna start my review by asking– what the fuck was this shit?  It was a punk band, but they had a violin?  People were moshing, but they were waltzing?  This pale-ass guy asks the audience permission if he can remove his tie?  I’ve been strung out on heroin before.  I’ve dealt with some pretty wicked shit in my day.  I’ve spoken the cursed the name of Nyarlathotep twice before, and I’ve never seen shit like this.  It was lunacy, and not the cool Continue reading

Review: The “Wake Up, Sheeple!” Alarm Clock



I don’t know about you, but after days and nights of stark raving madness brought on by a knowledge beyond man’s ken, I need some serious meds to sleep.  We’re talking opiates, folks.  And not just the opiate of the masses– hard drugs, administered to me by my manservant Chang Li. Continue reading