Net Neutrality: Content Supply Invoice

net neutrality

As it appears that the FCC is poised to alter its stance on network neutrality to allow Internet service providers to charge a fee to content providers to deliver user traffic to their sites, we have drafted an invoice that may be sent reciprocally to ISPs.  We have also created a downloadable boiler-plate version (Invoice) for any of our readers who are also content providers.  We encourage all letters to be printed out and sent via standard post to Comcast, Time Warner, and any other ISPs who may provide access to your readers and/or viewers.  It reads as follows: Continue reading

Seven Wonders of World-Class Wasteful Spending

1. The Great Pyramid of Giza


Yeah, we get it Khufu, you were hot shit in Fourth-Dynasty Egypt, but… maybe you were compensating for something here?  The Pyramid has been able to keep it up for the past few thousand years; we’re not so sure about you, buddy.  Granted, the use of slave labor probably kept costs down, but… we’re not buying it. Continue reading