Coxsackie, New York: Home of Swing ‘n’ Meet 2014


Our planning committee has met, and we’ve picked Coxsackie, New York, as the home of the Illuminaughty Boutique Swing ‘n’ Meet, on Sunday, July 26, 2014!  Voting was tight, but in the end Coxsackie beat out nearby Cummington, Massachusetts for the win. Continue reading

Announcing Swing ‘n’ Meet 2014


Are you a fan of swing dancing and music?  Do you want to meet other fans who share with you that sneaking suspicion that something else is going on?  You’re in luck!  Illuminaughty Boutique will be hosting its first annual Swing ‘n’ Meet convention on Saturday, July 26, 2014.  (Location is yet to be determined.)  All will be welcome!

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The Nine Creatures You Do NOT Want To Take to Prom!

I have heard much of late from young associates of mine that the season has arrived during which they promenade through their scholarly institutions, dressed in rather formal attire, for their parents and other members of the community. However, I have also heard such distressing news about their ideal companions for these evenings of pomp. To wit, I have compiled a short list of those entities which young people should shun at this time of frivolity.


1. The Vampire


Let’s get the obvious one out first. Vampires have been very popular as the most-desired folkloric creature, thanks to more modern adaptations. However, Anne Rice, Stephanie Meyer, all those others are full of “crap,” as it is said in the parlance of our times. These monsters aren’t handsome, nor do they wear copious amounts of glitter body spray. They’re nasty, pasty, and all hands and teeth once they get you alone. It’s better to let sleeping bats lie.

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