Ten Ways To Keep Your Children Safe from Indoctrination in Public Schools


Public school.  You know it’s a place full of bad influences: drugs, queers, evolution.  And yet you are a hard-working parent doing your best to get by– home schooling is expensive even without factoring in your lost income!  It’s just not a possibility for everyone.  Because of that, we’ve put together a list of ten things you can do as a concerned parent to make sure your little love-sponge isn’t going to soak up all the horror that is public school. Continue reading

Trepanning: The Bindi on Steroids


If you follow celebrity news, you’ve probably seen some pictures over the past few years of some of our favorite stars sporting a little dot in between their eyes, otherwise known as the bindi.  This beauty mark has been received from South Asian tradition (particularly Hinduism), and we’ve got to admit– we love it! Continue reading

eFertility Profile: Bastet

eFertility bastet masthead

Personal Statement

Hi, I’m Bastet, but some of my followers call me The Lady of Fire or She of the Ointment Jar. I am looking for followers and priests who are into a wide variety of things, ranging from felines to perfume, from light to children. But don’t worry — I’m not baby crazy. Continue reading

Top Five Stigmata for Spring

Hey guys, check it out-- St. Catherine of Siena is totally getting stigmatized.

Hey guys, check it out– St. Catherine of Siena is totally getting stigmatized.

Been thinking of getting a piercing, but you want to make it really meaningful?  How about the transcendent experience of joining as one with Christ the Savior during his passion and pain?  It’s the new cool thing.  We mean Patricia Arquette levels of cool.  Here are our top five stigmata for Spring 2014!


5. Left Foot

left foot

Kind of hard to walk with this one, and a little awkward to show it off.  But at least you won’t be suppressed for decades like Padre Pio was. Continue reading