Rihanna and Seven Other Celebrities Who Are NEARLY-NUDE (If You Look with Your REAL EYES)


Chutzpah.  Gumption.  Moxy.  Whatever you wanna call it, Rihanna’s got it covered– and that’s about all she’s covering!  Everyone’s a-gaggle about the dress she wore to the CFDA Fashion Awards last night, and it’s no small wonder.  Just… look at her! Continue reading

Six Celebrities We’d Love To See in Neon!


If you’ve been anywhere within a three-quarter-mile radius of fashion recently, you’ve seen neon colors.  And we love it!  Somehow it feels fresher, more vibrant than just a rehashed version of the ’80s.  I think we’ve got a handle on neon dos and don’ts this time around.  Just check out these ladies!


Our favorite celebrities are wearing neon.  We love that tasteful neon orange jacket Kim Kardashian is wearing in this photo.  J. Lo?  It’s a gutsy chartreuse number with neon pink heels.  So hot!  And Katy Perry is bookending that pink power with matching neon blue skirt and hair. Continue reading

Trepanning: The Bindi on Steroids


If you follow celebrity news, you’ve probably seen some pictures over the past few years of some of our favorite stars sporting a little dot in between their eyes, otherwise known as the bindi.  This beauty mark has been received from South Asian tradition (particularly Hinduism), and we’ve got to admit– we love it! Continue reading

29 Tin-Foil Hats That Will Blow Your Mind!

The tin-foil hat is the “little black dress” of the conspiracy theory fashion world.  But the “just a bunch of foil hastily crumpled on your head” look is getting old.  These new looks will blow your mind!  Okay, so they won’t literally blow your mind– that’s the whole reason for wearing a tin-foil hat.  But we guarantee that with this inspiration (and a little origami training), you’ll put the (in)spiration in (con)spiration!


The Napoleon


A classic, this makes you look either like Admiral Nelson or Le Petit Caporal.  Plus, it’s easy to make yourself!

Continue reading

Top Five Stigmata for Spring

Hey guys, check it out-- St. Catherine of Siena is totally getting stigmatized.

Hey guys, check it out– St. Catherine of Siena is totally getting stigmatized.

Been thinking of getting a piercing, but you want to make it really meaningful?  How about the transcendent experience of joining as one with Christ the Savior during his passion and pain?  It’s the new cool thing.  We mean Patricia Arquette levels of cool.  Here are our top five stigmata for Spring 2014!


5. Left Foot

left foot

Kind of hard to walk with this one, and a little awkward to show it off.  But at least you won’t be suppressed for decades like Padre Pio was. Continue reading

15 Hot Barcode Tattoo Ideas for Spring


Here at Illuminaughty Boutique, we can’t get enough of P!nk.  We love her.  We simultaneously want to be on her and be her.  And she has some pretty awesome tattoos.

pink tattoo

Our favorite, of course, is that barcode one on her neck.  Most tattoos scream, “Yeah, let’s have fun!”  But a barcode tattoo screams, “GET OUT OF MY BRAIN BEFORE I HAVE TO CUT YOU OUT.”  And that’s how we like to party!  Below are 15 of our favorite barcode tattoo ideas, all made with this free tool.  We’ve tried to keep the dimensions as square as possible so as to best accentuate the tramp stamp region.

15. Mark of the Beast


Shows you’re up for one hell of a party, but also that you’re not all that creative.  Still, pretty kickass. Continue reading