236 Words Only Literate People Will Understand


Chances are if you’re reading this post, you’re a literate person– and in English, moreover.  Otherwise this text would look sort of like լիզում իմ ոտք ունեցող մարդ.  But how did you get that way?  What sets you apart from the throng of people who just don’t understand the symbolic interpretation of glyphs on a page? Continue reading

29 Tin-Foil Hats That Will Blow Your Mind!

The tin-foil hat is the “little black dress” of the conspiracy theory fashion world.  But the “just a bunch of foil hastily crumpled on your head” look is getting old.  These new looks will blow your mind!  Okay, so they won’t literally blow your mind– that’s the whole reason for wearing a tin-foil hat.  But we guarantee that with this inspiration (and a little origami training), you’ll put the (in)spiration in (con)spiration!


The Napoleon


A classic, this makes you look either like Admiral Nelson or Le Petit Caporal.  Plus, it’s easy to make yourself!

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