Top 20 Pick-up Lines for Conspiracy Theorists


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20. I thought the weather was being controlled by HAARP, but that was just the angels singing your name.

19. Are you affiliated with the Illuminati?  Because you light up my life.

18. Wanna know my favorite part of your body? The microchip implanted by the government.

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Who Run the World? Puppies vs. Kittens


As huge Beyonce fans here at Illuminaughty Boutique, we were initially looking into putting together a piece on the influence of the Illuminati and the occult on Queen Bey’s work.

But that’s been done.

Been done to death, in fact.

Like, seriously, look for yourself and see how done-to-death it really is.

So we started thinking… what do we love as much as Beyonce?  Puppies and kittens!

kitten vs puppy

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