236 Words Only Literate People Will Understand


Chances are if you’re reading this post, you’re a literate person– and in English, moreover.  Otherwise this text would look sort of like լիզում իմ ոտք ունեցող մարդ.  But how did you get that way?  What sets you apart from the throng of people who just don’t understand the symbolic interpretation of glyphs on a page? Continue reading

Who Run the World? Puppies vs. Kittens


As huge Beyonce fans here at Illuminaughty Boutique, we were initially looking into putting together a piece on the influence of the Illuminati and the occult on Queen Bey’s work.

But that’s been done.

Been done to death, in fact.

Like, seriously, look for yourself and see how done-to-death it really is.

So we started thinking… what do we love as much as Beyonce?  Puppies and kittens!

kitten vs puppy

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