Twelve Hilarious Ways You Would React If We Would Have Implemented PROJECT SIENNA


Dear Readers,

Today, I wish to divulge two closely guarded secrets.  The first of these is an obsession with the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black,” which was recommended to me by one of the lovely professors in the criminology department during a short-lived courtship last year. Secondly, I have been working with my esteemed editor, Professor Weishaupt, on a committee about how best we can keep you, dear readers, apprised of our machinations, one of which I am most lucky and please to present to you today– Project Sienna. Continue reading

If Orange Is the New Black, What Is the New Orange?


Have you binge-watched the second season of Orange Is the New Black yet?  (We haven’t had a chance to– don’t spoil it for us!)  If it’s anything like Season One, though, we know we’re going to love it.  And we have no idea how Piper is going to get out of that incident in the finale.

What we want to talk about today is a more wide-ranging problem introduced by the series title.  If orange is the new black, then… well… what is the new orange? Continue reading