Thirteen Fancy Types of -Mancy for Friday the Thirteenth!


Thank Goddess it’s Friday the Thirteenth– and a Friday the Thirteenth with a full moon, nonetheless!  While kicking back tonight and watching The Craft for the umpteenth time is certainly not a bad plan, there’s all sorts of magick you could be working yourself tonight.  We’ve compiled a list of thirteen of our favorite techniques for divination.  Check ’em out!


13. Gyromancy

Gyromancy involves laying out letters or symbols on the ground, then spinning in a circle until dizzy (with or without putting your forehead on a baseball bat).  Whichever direction you stumble… that means something!  The down-side, of course, is all the physical activity involved, plus the fact that the magical act itself may make you puke. Continue reading

38 Mise en Abyme GIFs that Will Make Your Brain Bleed… OR WORSE


The mise en abyme.  Of course a mindfuck of this degree has a French name.  You’ve encountered this effect if you’ve ever accidentally lined up two mirrors or watched Inception.  Or the Japanese movie Paprika, for that matter.  Well, some more expert reporting from over at Bustle (if you don’t follow them yet, you should) has revealed that a woman has gotten a tattoo of her own selfie.


If you can’t see the maddening possibilities for this yet, let’s explain.  She can now take a selfie that shows her tattoo of her selfie, and then get that tattooed on her other arm.  Then she can take another selfie, and another selfie, and another, and another…

To prepare your brain for this, we’ve compiled some animated mise en abyme GIFs from around the Web.  Enjoy!

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