If Orange Is the New Black, What Is the New Orange?


Have you binge-watched the second season of Orange Is the New Black yet?  (We haven’t had a chance to– don’t spoil it for us!)  If it’s anything like Season One, though, we know we’re going to love it.  And we have no idea how Piper is going to get out of that incident in the finale.

What we want to talk about today is a more wide-ranging problem introduced by the series title.  If orange is the new black, then… well… what is the new orange? Continue reading

What You Don’t Know about the Right Wing


Everything you thought you knew about the right wing is wrong.

Look at this picture and point to the right wing.  You’re pointing to the wing on the right side of the picture, aren’t you?  Well, right is wrong.  What you’re thinking of as the right wing is actually the left wing of the eagle.  And the left wing?  Actually the right wing! Continue reading