15 Hot Barcode Tattoo Ideas for Spring


Here at Illuminaughty Boutique, we can’t get enough of P!nk.  We love her.  We simultaneously want to be on her and be her.  And she has some pretty awesome tattoos.

pink tattoo

Our favorite, of course, is that barcode one on her neck.  Most tattoos scream, “Yeah, let’s have fun!”  But a barcode tattoo screams, “GET OUT OF MY BRAIN BEFORE I HAVE TO CUT YOU OUT.”  And that’s how we like to party!  Below are 15 of our favorite barcode tattoo ideas, all made with this free tool.  We’ve tried to keep the dimensions as square as possible so as to best accentuate the tramp stamp region.

15. Mark of the Beast


Shows you’re up for one hell of a party, but also that you’re not all that creative.  Still, pretty kickass. Continue reading