Seven Creepy Places To Visit This Summer


Dear readers,

Things have finally begun winding down here at the university following another year of studies. However, several of those younger students who have yet to taste what summers are like for real adults — i.e. having actual occupations during the summer — have been inquiring as to places they might explore while they are on sabbatical this summer. Here is a short listing of places I seem to recommend every year.


7. A Sarlacc’s Digestive System


This is a trip I usually reserve recommendation until a student has completed all doctoral degree requirements save his or her dissertation. It makes the perfect place to take in the sites and spend countless hours fretting over whether or not their paper is ready for defense. Continue reading

6 Devilishly Rogue States


Everybody loves a bad boy.  Not officially, of course.  Not out loud, not in front of Mama or the United Nations. But somewhere in his heart of hearts, even Ban Ki-Moon is a little turned on by those most roguish of nations.  They’re just so bad, and it’s just… so good.

Continue reading

Seven Wonders of World-Class Wasteful Spending

1. The Great Pyramid of Giza


Yeah, we get it Khufu, you were hot shit in Fourth-Dynasty Egypt, but… maybe you were compensating for something here?  The Pyramid has been able to keep it up for the past few thousand years; we’re not so sure about you, buddy.  Granted, the use of slave labor probably kept costs down, but… we’re not buying it. Continue reading